Olympus C-2100uz door removal

by Eric Carlson

     How to remove the connector door on the Olympus C-2100 (and E-100RS) digital camera. Some people remove the door when they use an external battery pack.

     Disclaimer: While this is a relatively easy task, I take no responsibility if you mess up your camera, or if you void your warranty.

The camera door, open and in place.

Here are all the parts removed. You need to take out the 3 screws (with a #0 phillips screw driver), and remove the flash connector cap to get the door off.

Then remove the side panel by lifting the end where the door connects. Notice that there are small tabs near the flash connector, that go inside the case.

Here's what it looks like with the side panel removed.

Here's what it looks like with the door removed, and the screws out.

Here's everything back together again.

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