LED Flashlight Project, July 2001

About this project: A friend of mine has a lathe for making nice wooden pens, and we both like LED flashlights, so we decided to make some nice LED flashlights with white LEDs. We found some LED keychain flashlight kits at Penn State Industries, but they came with oversized yellow LEDs. We bought some standard-sized white LEDs and reflectors at The LED Light. We also wanted to use 3 batteries instead of 2. We modified the kits to fit the LEDs, reflectors and extra batteries, and ended up with some very nice flashlights.

Keychain flashlight parts
From these parts, and a few others,
and with a bunch of modifications

A friend used this lathe

Finished flashlights
To make these beautiful flashlights

Five LED flashlights, top
Top view of my 2 new flashlights next to
3 LED flashlights from the local Target store

Five LED flashlights, front
Same flashlights from the front

Two LED flashlights
Close-up of my 2 new flashlights
Woods used: Thuya Burl, Cocobolo
(Click image for larger view)

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