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Updated May 6, 2006
This is stuff I remember having at one time, but haven't seen in many years (or possibly, decades). I've also added stuff that is hard to find. Some of the names or spelling may be incorrect since I don't have the original products for verification. If you have any more information about these products (i.e., when and where they were produced, who produced them, why they stopped producing them, etc.), please let me know.

- (Thanks for all the messages so far. It's nice to know that other people share my longings for some of these items.)

I was living either on Long Island or near Boston the last time I saw some of these products. I now live near Washington DC. I created this page just for fun. I'll add more items when they come to mind.

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What's on this page:

Food and other items that have been resurrected
(at least for a while)

  • Gnip-Gnop
    - New version by Fundex Games, plays the same, but the colors are different, and the center barrier is not as see-through. I picked up one at a local discount store for under $5.
    - Ping-Pong spelled backwards
    - Try to get all the Ping-Pong balls to the other person's side
    - I've been checking yard sales for this one
    - They had one on the Drew Carey show on May 10, 2000
  • Jell-O pudding pops
    - Feb 29, 2004, I bought a box of Jell-O Pudding Pops at the local grocery store. They're now made by Popsicle.
    - Lot's of people have e-mailed me to say they really miss these, and can't figure out why they aren't made anymore
    - I saw another brand of pudding pops, but didn't get a chance to buy any (September 2001)
  • Vanilla "Oreo" cookies
    - They might, or might not have been called "Swiss" cookies
    - They were packaged in a box with 1 sleeve of regular Oreo's, and 2 sleeves of the vanilla cookies

Food I haven't seen in a long time

  • Carnation Breakfast bars
    - I've heard they are available in Canada (September 2001)
    - I've heard they are available on the West coast
    - I've also heard they are no longer made
    - I didn't find any last time I was in Denver
  • Breakfast Squares
    - Small, dense multi-layered cakes
    - These were around in the 70's and were totally different than the Quaker Oatmeal Breakfast Squares from the 00's
  • Banana "fudgesickles"
  • Cheese Kisses
    - Individually wrapped bite-sized pieces of cheese - They were wrapped like candies
  • (Buitoni's ?) toaster pizza's
    - These were round, and were available at some point in the 70's
    - Hot Pockets briefly had a similar toaster pizza in the late 90's, which was rectangular, and which might have been called: Hot Pockets Toaster Breaks
    - They should bring back both brands
  • PDQ powdered flavorings for milk
    - I recently had eggnog ice cream at Baskin Robins that reminded me of this one
  • Coffee soda
    - I bought a 6-pack in Massachusetts in 1998, but I couldn't find it in 1999
    - It was strange at first, but then I really liked it
  • Horlicks chocolate milk mix
    - I found a tan colored Horlicks mix by SmithKline Beecham (Summer 1999)
    - I like the tan mix, but it's not chocolate
  • Maxwell House Capio coffee drinks
    - Especially in the quart bottles which would go on sale for $1.50
  • Taco Bell chicken, before the new "all white meat" version
    - This wasn't exactly great, but it was better than what they have now
  • Jack's (Jack-in-the-box) taco's
    - I've heard they might be available somewhere
  • Jack's (Jack-in-the-box) chicken taco's
    - These were light and flaky, and unlike anything else
  • Jack's (Jack-in-the-box) chicken sandwich, early version
    - This was great until they changed it 15 or 20 years ago
  • Vanilla Laffy Taffy candy
    - Other flavors are still available, but nothing comes close to the vanilla
  • Lipstick candy
    - The soft kind, not the chewy or hard kinds
  • Nestle Choco'Lite candy bars
  • Hersheys Whatchamacallit candy bars
    - Before they added caramel, these were my favorite, and I bought them all the time. The caramel ruined them for me, so I stopped buying them.
  • Koogle flavored peanut butter by Kraft
    - Especially Vanilla and Banana
  • Pop-Tarts Danish-go-Rounds
    - Spiral shaped pop-tart-like pastries
    - Not the new squishy things sold by the Pop-Tart company
    - Pop-tart's web site indicates that they were discontinued
  • Vanilla Cap'n Crunch cereal
    - I think the main character was a white whale
  • Kellogg's Concentrate cereal
    - Came in a small gold box, expands when you add milk
    - Kellogg's web site indicates that they were discontinued

Food that is hard to find (or not available) in my area

  • Cadbury Wispa candy bars
    - Still available all over the UK, and in specialty shops in the US
    - Nestle also sells a similar looking "Aero" bar in the UK, but the Wispa is far better
  • "Ice Cubes" chocolate candies
    - Melts in your mouth and in your hand, very smooth
    - I heard they are in many convenience stores in New Jersey and Florida
  • Hostess Chocodile snack cakes
    - I get these whenever I travel to the West coast. We need them back on the East coast.
    - I found this Petition via Google
  • Quisp cereal
  • "America's Best" coffee drinks, 15 ounce cans for under $1
    - Hazelnut is my favorite flavor
    - Trader Joe's has them in my area for $.89/can, and Shoppers also has them once again
  • Marshmallow Fluff by Durkee-Mower, Inc.
    - I can now find this in my area, but not in every store (Fall 2000)
    - I finally found Fluff in a store 2 hours from my house (Spring 1999). They had 5 brands of marshmallow cream! Fluff makes the best Fluffernutter sandwiches.
    - It's easy to find in New England (The company is in Lynn, Massachusetts)
  • Quaker Oat Bran (cold cereal, not the hot cereal)
  • White Castle Hamburgers (The real ones, not the frozen ones)
    - I try to stop at a White Castle every time I drive up to Connecticut

Games I haven't seen in stores in a long time

  • Overturn by Pressman
    - Scrabble meets Othello
    - I actually have this one, but it was hard to find
    - The company says it was discontinued

Food Related message board

  • The Dead Foods Message Board is back (and has been for a while, but not as good)
    at the Top Secret Recipes web site!

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